Haunted by Curiosity™

My work is fueled by diving into the chaos of form, tangled up with the electric clash between Surrealism and Cubism. These movements aren’t just influences; they're the twisted spine of my imagination, where the irrational dances with geometry, birthing a symphony of the unexpected.

I’m not just aiming for a reaction: I’m gunning for the visceral jolt on par with a baby discovering its toes for the first time or a toddler hearing its name called—a pure unadulterated blast of wonder and awe.

My paintings are head trips, often spiked with humor and wit where the titles are as crucial as the strokes of the brush. Every title is meticulously crafted, a key twisted in the lock of deeper meaning inviting the viewer into the guts of the piece.

Man walking in white room towards corner.

Contact me with any inquires : [email protected]

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