Haunted by Curiosity™

I didn't make art for more than 13 years. During that time I forgot about what creating art meant to me. A piece of me was missing and the worst part of all;  I didn't realize that it wasn't there.

But, what was lost, is not necessarily forgotten. What originated as a passing thought evolved into a larger self-realization. It reawakened something dormant and instinctual inside me. I found art in a way that some people found religion. More importantly, I discovered a headspace that helped free me from the confines of some of my greatest frustrations.

Through this introspection, my mind found a reprieve in ambushing me with a barrage of ideas. Ideas that didn’t require approval and provided me with more than a mental diversion. Ideas I harnessed and externalized through dedication and a deliberate exploration of stylistic variety.

While my art may explore form broadly the foundation of my work focuses on reframing the mundane and encouraging people to explore how perspective affects perception.

My work explores perspective through multiple lenses that intersect among the technical, physical, psychological, philosophical, and/or imagined.

My art is meant to entice and immediately grasp your attention. And to help you experience new meaning from and awareness about what you see.

Man walking in white room towards corner.

Contact me with any inquires : [email protected]

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