Haunted by Curiosity™

As an artist, I once found myself in a 13-year creative hiatus, during which I had forgotten the profound meaning of what creating art meant to me. It wasn't until later that I realized a part of me had been missing all along.

Yet, through introspection and self-realization, what began as a passing thought soon evolved into something much larger. This awakening breathed new life into my artistic endeavors, rekindling something dormant and instinctual inside me. I discovered a space that liberated me from my greatest frustrations, and in turn, gave me a new purpose and direction.

Amidst this newfound clarity, my mind became a fertile ground for ideas, unencumbered by the constraints of seeking approval and mental distractions. With a deliberate exploration of stylistic variety, I harnessed these ideas and brought them to life with dedication and passion.

While my art may explore form broadly the foundation of my work focuses on reframing the mundane and encouraging people to explore how perspective affects perception. Through a kaleidoscope of lenses, from the physical, and philosophical, to the abstract musings of the imagination, my work aims to entice and captivate its audience, inviting them to experience new meaning and heightened awareness of what they see.

Man walking in white room towards corner.

Contact me with any inquires : [email protected]

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